A Splendid Chinese Character

2012_09_31_julie_fafnerJulie Zhu is a super-brainy lady who is doing a PhD in Electronic Engineering at Leeds University. The subject of her research is TeraHertz Quantum Cascade Lasers. Thankfully, she does not have to spend all of her days making and and testing these devices; she has found another outlet for her talents in playing the piano – as well as the violin.

She came to me over a year ago via the MusicTeachers website and I’m mighty glad she did. As well as being highly intelligent, she is musical and delightfully unassuming.¬† She loves to give attention to Fafner our Bichon Fris√© and he is equally happy to see her every week when she come round for her lesson.

Julie was sensible enough to see the benefit of studying Theory as well as piano and it didn’t take her long to get a Grade V under her belt.


As she has continued to practise, she has improved in all facets of technique and musicality. Despite doing Grade IV, she has learnt scales in all keys, including melodic minors and all contraries, playing them staccato, as well as legato, and grouping in them sixes, as well as fours. Not only has this served as excellent preparation for more advanced work, but it no doubt contributed to the perfect score for that section of the exam and helped towards the high Distinction mark of 137.

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