Here are some remarks made by former pupils upon reaching the end of their musical studies with Peter Lynch:-

“I’m really happy about having you as my teacher and want to thank you for your patience with me.” Julia (Germany)

“Thanks for all your help over the years. It’s been a pleasure working with you” (Cathy)

“Thank you for the good teaching and friendship over the years” (John)

“Thank you for a marvellous time over the past years…you really will be missed” (Francesca)

“With grateful thanks for all the help, encouragement and PATIENCE over the years.” (Diane)

“Thank you for making the past couple of years of flute lessons such an interesting and enjoyable experience” (Lynda)

“I’ve finished at college and now have some letters after my name!” (Elyse)

“Thank you for your patient teaching over the years” (Hannah)

“I really appreciate your patience – and have enjoyed very much the lessons” (another Hannah)

“You are the best flute teacher I know about..thankx for everything” (Carolyn)

This is what Dr Robert Drewett, Reader in Psychology at the University of Durham and expert on child development had to say after successful preparation for Grade VIII piano:-

“He is a wonderfully stimulating teacher with a very professional approach to instruction and a clear and helpful strategy for successful examination preparation.

He has high standards, but always provides the support necessary to achieve them in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.”

And, this is what Dan Alazraky from Tel Aviv wrote and Yes, this is really true…after coming to England especially, embarking on an intensive course in theory, going from pre-Grade I in September 2010 and passing Grade VIII in March 2011! (Read the article by clicking on the “Theory” tab above)

“Fortunately, I found Peter who decided to make incredible process and teach me from grade 1 to grade 8. I must clarify that throughout many years, I studied with professors and music teachers for a long time, but Peter has some special skills which I could not find in other music teachers…Peter shows enthusiasm for the music lessons, his professional area and teaching role…his classical attitude sparked off a lot of interest in my studies…I am very grateful about the opportunity that I studied music Lessons with Peter Lynch.”