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Tuition on flute and piano is given according to the following terms, which have been substantially revised to be more stringent. They apply from
1 September 2014. Please read them carefully and make sure you accept them before enquiring about or arranging lessons:-

No contract is required but, by accepting tuition, pupils (or their parents) must agree to these conditions.

Any prospective pupil must have achieved at least a merit at Grade V or, alternatively, pass a (free) audition which shows a similar or higher level of achievement. However, I will make an exception to any prospective pupils who shows exceptional ability and commitment. All pupils must demonstrate sufficient maturity and self-motivation to work diligently during my extended periods of absence; otherwise I cannot teach them. At such times I have no objection to a pupil having lessons with another teacher if this helps to maintain standards and continuity.

Due to my examining commitments, which are about twenty weeks a year, there are no fixed term times, However, there are nominally twenty-five weekly lessons in the teaching year with dates and times being by mutual agreement. In order to achieve that number, lesson dates will probably include a combination of school holidays, two-in-a-week and double lessons. The duration is either for sixty or ninety minutes; shorter than one hour is not available.clock-time Lessons take place at 1 Southfield Avenue, Leeds, LS17 6RN on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday. Parents are always welcome to sit in on lessons and ask questions.

In order to ensure the best use of available time parents/pupils are urged to make every attempt to be punctual. Lessons for latecomers are not extended.

missed_lessons_300x2254  MISSED LESSONS
I will reschedule any lesson missed due to a pupil’s school/family commitments or illness. Since I am prepared to give up free and holiday time to teach, any pupil who has not had the full annual complement of lessons at the end of the teaching year due to his own unavailability will no longer be accepted.

During the summer holidays, if I am at home, extra lessons are available to anyone who wants them. As an incentive to extra study, they are offered at 30% discount, provided that the full complement of (25) normal lessons has already been taken.


Fees for five lessons at a time are payable in advance, and not later than the second lesson of each series. Rates are published on this website. Please note that late payments cause considerable inconvenience. New pupils may start at any time and are charged accordingly. Payment may be made by cash, cheque or online electronic funds transfer into the account below:-

Account Name: C Peter Lynch; Sort Code: 09-06-66; Account Number: 40083476.

As progress is objectively measured by exam results, pupils prior to Grade VIII are required to enter for at least one TCL or ABRSM examination each year and to gain at least a merit mark. To protect my reputation, pupils should not enter for an examination or competition, or perform in public, without my consent, unless an event of this kind is a compulsory part of their formal education.

If a pupil is not progressing satisfactorily, or there is any resistance to learning, tuition will end immediately. In such a case lessons paid for but not yet taken will have their cost refunded. If I am obliged to give notice because of an unforeseen event and am unable to complete the series, I will refund fees for any remaining lessons. If a pupil wishes to cease lessons before the end of a series, no refund of lessons already paid for is made.

I make every reasonable effort to improve my pupils’ knowledge and ability. In return they must co-operate with me and, in particular, practise the amount and the way I advise. It is also the responsibility of parents to ensure their child’s regular home practice and punctual attendance at lessons.

Please remember that if any pupil does not make sufficient progress, or does not achieve the expected examination result, lessons will be terminated.

Occasional physical contact with pupils may be required, for example to correct posture and fingering.

Documents of Enhanced Disclosure and Subject Access are available to any pupil’s parents who would like to see them.

updated January 2017