1 Southfield Avenue
LeedsĀ  LS17 6RN
0113 2663994

Lessons take place near where the A6120 Ring Road running west to east on the North side of the city bisects the north to south lying A61 Harrogate Road. Running parallel towards Roundhay Park and just underneath the Ring Road is Street Lane with Southfield Avenue branching off that, about 300 metres after Moortown Corner.

No 1 is a detached house with side by side car parking on the forecourt. The house, 2nd on the left, is situated in a quiet, safe cul-de-sac. It is also conveniently close to Number 2 bus stops in both directions on Street Lane. The number 36 also stops at nearby Mooortown Corner, where Harrogate Road meets Street Lane.

Inside the Music Room, which also doubles as a recording studio, is a new, well maintained and regularly tuned Kemble 173 Conservatory grand piano. This instrument is sueperficially modelled on the Yamaha C3, but is far superior in all respects.

There is a large (2x2m) teaching mirror on one wall and varnished floorboards contribute to the pleasing acoustic.