Black & White Rag Video

I always liked this piece, ever since hearing the out of tune bar piano
stomping its way along as the theme tune to the BBC2 Pot Black snooker series.

I also knew it would work well in an arrangement I have always enjoyed – two flutes and piano. It occurred to me later that it would also be a good vehicle for some Twangy Guitar sounds from my Fender Strat. So after after finishing the arrangement I knuckled down to a bit of practice so I could record all the different parts without embarrassing myself too much.

When all that was finished, it was time to record the video on my little Kodak Zi8, modest, but does the job well. Once all the takes were done, most with a tripod, but a couple also hand held (thank you Violetta!) it was time to get down to some editing. I like Camtasia, but it doesn’t like me and often blue-screens my machine, so I had to use Sony Vegas. This is a  heavy piece of software, but I think it will repay my time investment as I get used to it.

It’s very handy being able to make a little film like this as it provides a useful practice goal and shows I can play the instruments I teach! So please give the video a play… [youtube][/youtube]

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