Success comes with a smile!


Congratulations to young pianist Orland Winters who has just achieved 137 in his first piano exam. From the picture you can see Orland enjoys his piano playing and was able to spare a few seconds from his busy practising schedule to smile for the camera!

Notwithstanding the fact that the keyboard is probably longer than he is, Orland knows well that he has to run up and down those ivories carefully to get his scales clean and tidy.

The music on the stand is the new piece he’s just about to tackle, Bear Dance, which needs lots of patient practice in the left hand. Notice the metronome at the right of the picture, which is going to prove invaluable for all those semiquavers!

A pupil at the Grammar School, Orland has his piano lessons on Saturdays with his twin sister Clara. They both know that “Practise makes Perfect” and Orland went a good way to realizing that ideal when he sat his exam just before Easter.



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